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Man to MaN:

Finding Balance

Dear Christian brother, are you stressed and worried?  Do you feel like your life is falling apart despite your best efforts to hold it together?  Do you feel like you are alone?   That nobody would understand you even if you told them?


Well, I know exactly what you are thinking, how you feel and you are NOT alone.  Just a few years ago I felt like my life was literally falling apart, and no matter what I did things just continued to get worse.  I just couldn’t develop a solution to my problems that lasted.  


The solution to my problem was simple and down deep I knew exactly what I needed to do.  I needed to come back to God.  I needed to live like a Christian, not just talk like one. 


However, when I started to think about this it overwhelmed me and I immediately moved on.  I had convinced myself that being a Christian required me to follow rules which added up to a life of boredom and punishments. 


I had convinced myself that giving God control meant I wouldn’t have control.  That scared me.  I wanted to have control of my life.  I wanted to decide what I did and how I did it.  At the time, it never occurred to me that my way was leading to misery.


Then I wondered if I came back to God how would I explain this decision to others, especially my wife?  If I came back to God it meant I would have to admit my faults, apologize and then start making changes in my life.  


By this point in the thought process, my mind was racing and my heart was about to beat out of my chest!  There were so many conflicting feelings, emotions and thoughts running through my head.  It was just easier to shut the thoughts down and move on.


That is how I handled it for years and years.  I just ignored it.  Then a day came when I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  You can read the full story at


I made a commitment to give God control.  During this process, I discovered there were 7 steps I needed to go through:


First, I had to admit where I was with God.  


Second, I had to establish what was holding me back from God.


Third, I had to deal with my pride and develop humility.


Fourth, I had to work on my patience. 


Fifth, I had to work on forgiveness and stop being bitter. 


Sixth, I had to make better and wiser decision. 


Seventh, I had to be diligent in applying God's word to my daily life. 


Were these steps easy? NOPE!  Was my current life what I wanted? NOPE! 


I truly wish I had taken these steps many years earlier. The problems and misery I could have avoided! Don’t delay in starting this process any longer.


Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.  I look forward to the possibility of working with you!


All the best,

Nathan Tabor


Also, I'm always looking for venues to share my story - churches, groups, podcasts, radio shows, etc.  

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