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REal EstatE

No matter your real estate goals—buying, selling, renovating, securing funds or flipping—as an experienced and knowledgeable consultant and broker, I can help you.  From helping you become focused, to finding opportunities, to developing a plan of action, to avoiding the many pitfalls of real estate.  

Nathan's Real Estate Resume:

•  26 Properties Flipped in 9 years

•  Grossed over $52 million in sales

•  Raised over $1 million from investors

•  Consulted on deals worth over $200 million

Ways Nathan Can Help you: 

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Named one of

“The Top 15 Best Ever Apartment Investing Books”

by Joe Fairless

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Podcast Interviews:
Joe Fairless

“I thoroughly enjoyed Nathan’s book. It’s slammed packed with incredibly useful and practical information.”

Joe Fairless, Host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show

Michael Blank

“The problem with things being too easy is that you don’t learn. Just ask Nathan Tabor: His first multifamily deal went so smoothly that he was blindsided when major setbacks threatened to derail his second and third investments. Listen in to learn from Nathan’s mistakes around vetting financials, verifying zoning regulations and establishing work-life balance.”

Michael Blank

Adam a. Adams
John Casmon
Tamar Mar
Whitney Sewell
Dan Handford
Jason and Pili Yarusi
Copper Pipe and $5 Dollars
Flipping Apartments Webinar
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Real estate consulting

No matter your real estate goals — buying, due diligence selling, renovating, securing funds, or flipping — an experienced and knowledgeable consultant can help develop a clear strategy for success.  Plus, you’ll gain the know-how and strategic planning to help you avoid the many pitfalls of the real estate business.  You’ll take away actionable items that you can implement in your business right away!  I also can you analyze your deals, assist with finance/refinance and due diligence.  

For a detailed list of consulting services click here.

Real Estate academy

The BEST way to avoid getting lost is knowing where you are going and mapping it out! This is why I developed this course. When I started out flipping I got lost many times!


My course will you give you all the tools you need to find, finance, fix and flip duplexes to 100+ unit complexes … and help you avoid getting lost!


You will learn how to avoid the mistakes I’ve made and grow your business. It’s truly life changing when you get that first check!  Learn more here

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