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Inspire your audience

Nathan is an experienced keynote speaker and trainer who motivates, inspires, transforms, and entertains his audiences in an engaging, challenging and fun way.  

Using a combination of business and personal experiences, Nathan delivers a presentation full of practical strategies, applications, insights and humor which is guaranteed to engage, educate and empower your audience.

Nathan’s ability to connect with and motivate audience members is achieved by being open about his own successes and failures.  This vulnerability allows him to create a deep and powerful connection.

Your audience will leave knowing that with dedication and perseverance, they can overcome ALL obstacles in their personal and professional lives.


Nathan has founded and operated more than two dozen businesses since 1999, grossing over $150 million in sales. His experience spans the areas of commercial real estate acquisition and redevelopment, automobile sales, direct product sales, web-based marketing, and strategic partnership facilitation.


"I highly recommend Nathan for anyone wanting to reach the next level!” 


Melissa Garrett, American Express Director, Learning Performance Measurement

Contact Nathan about delivering a talk uniquely tailored to your audience.  Whether it’s a keynote speech or workshop (1/2 day or full day), Nathan will not disappoint. 


If you are interested in booking Nathan or have questions, please use the contact form below.  Thank you!


The Anxiety Trap

One of the biggest problems facing today's American worker is dealing with anxiety in the workplace. Anxiety over performance, anxiety over the competition, and anxiety over relationships with bosses and co-workers can all contribute to making the workplace a dreaded environment. When this happens the person and the business suffer.  Click here for more information

Don’t Let NO Stop You!

Too many people let NO stop them. They either never even try because the no in their mind keeps them from even trying or they are told no on the first ask and they quit. The fear of failure literally rules them which keeps them from achieving their goals.  Click here for more information

The Law of Order

The Law of Order is a proven, systematic approach to how anything must be done. And it applies to all aspects of your life: personal, professional, physical, spiritual, and financial. Whether you’re looking for leadership development, increased sales, social media strategies or work-life balance, the Law of Order provides a sequence of how things must be done in order to achieve the desired result.  Click here for more information

Top 7 Business Laws and Processes

There are laws and processes of leadership that govern business and life.  DO them and succeed. DON’T do them and you’re sure to fail. Are you implementing these laws and processes? If not, why?  Click here for more information

Real Estate Knowledge is Power

No matter your real estate needs or goals a speaker with real-life experiences and knowledge brings value to your event. Your attendees will take away actionable items they can implement immediately. Since 2006, Nathan has bought, renovated and sold over $52m dollars of commercial real estate. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Nathan’s company was ranked as one of the largest real estate management companies in the Piedmont Triad, NC.  Click here for more information

Five Fundamentals to Facebook Success

Discover the five Facebook fundamentals that will help grow your business by reaching the right customers at the right time. Learn how to maximize the impact of every post and advertisement, all while providing the information and products your customers truly want. Facebook marketing can strategically help you target all of the people who matter to your business.  Click here for more information

Training Program Catalog

My training programs are designed to help individuals and businesses succeed.  Each program is tailored to fit your needs and objections.    Click here for more information

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“Nathan is well spoken and highly knowledgeable.

He has the ability to motivate you into personal action with simple truths.”  

Brian Bonds, Past President, SC Society of Professional Land Surveyors

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